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Comedy, Drama

Siblings torn apart by the hazards of life meet in Spain to settle the family's modest inheritance. Gustave, the mover, on the brink of bankruptcy, Jules the anarchistic activist, and Lou, the youngest, lost between her brothers, yearning for the unknown. Each one has a different outlook on life and their personal projects for this inheritance will reawaken family disagreements and phantoms of the past.

Acteurs: François Neycken, Raphaëlle Corbisier, Yohan Manca, María León, Iván Altimira, Rafael Espinosa, Bruna Cusí, Sergi López
Régie: Sarah Hirtt
Pays: Belgium, Luxembourg
Durée: 89min
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Langue: English
Sous-titres: st FR & DE
7.00 € / adultes
6.00 € / étudiants
5.00 € / enfants < 12ans
Restrictions d'âge: ab 12 Jarhen
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